Poll workflow experience for a 2-way B2B/B2C messaging app


Design a Poll feature in a 2-way messaging app that allows the users to quickly get opinions from colleagues, family or friends for scheduling a meeting or events, etc


1. Research

Here I try to uncover the user’s context, needs & expectation by forming user stories, articulating user journey, & of course considering the app’s requirements & constraints.


  1. Users are enthusiastic & feel motivated.
  2. Their time & effort are of much importance to them. They equally care for other person’s time & value.
  3. Users are predominantly tech-savvy.
  4. Users want to empathise with the group & would want to collaborate & agree on mutual timings.
  5. Users are busy with work & often find it difficult to get opinions from the group.
  6. Users would want to be considerate about people’s opinions & decide on the actions to take.
  7. Private account users (youngsters) are less patient to long conversations & struggle to decide on their own. They are dependant on their peer groups about anything from what to wear for a date or what kind of music is cooler & what posts are trending, etc..
  8. Users would want to achieve a goal from the poll results.


2. Define

User Journey

I created a journey map to deep dive into the user’s behaviour to identify pain points & convert them into opportunities.

User journey for Business user
User journey for Private user

App’s Requirements

Based on the user’s goal, the app should be able to securely connect with the employees in the business use case. Also, help the private user to collaborate & connect with their friends/family.

I am choosing the Signal app as it is considered to be the most secured app in the market for its metadata encryption & has recently gained popularity among private users who participate in rallies against the government or community.

Why Signal?

One of the most downloaded apps in the app store. The signal app is simplistic where a less tech-savvy person could easily adapt to it. And its core strength is privacy.


  1. User can create a poll from a group chat only
  2. Users are considered to be active signal app user.
  3. The signal app is integrated with Google search, maps, zoom, google calendar, outlook, etc.
  4. The payment feature is considered to be available in the Signal app.

Requirements & Constraints

  1. Users can create a poll for a single group of people, not for multiple groups.
  2. Within a group, any member can create a poll simultaneously up to 5 polls.
  3. Integrate with other apps to give a seamless experience. Eg; if the poll is about the location of a restaurant, the app can connect to google maps to see how far is this place or reviews of the restaurant before a user selects an option.
  4. Push notifications to poll creators when the voting gets updated.
  5. Visual indication of the poll on the chat list page.
  6. Easy to create a poll with built-in templates
  7. The no. of options available to a question is limited to 5.

3. Ideation


I tried to put all my thoughts on paper first which helps me to go wide in thinking & narrow down to the problem.

Following an iterative approach, I designed few sketches with multiple options to finalise the solution.


I created wireflow to articulate the user interaction throughout the app & how one attains their goals.

Wireflow for the business use case

4. Design


Created low-fidelity mocks to design end-to-end workflow of poll creation & also help the user achieve his goal with the help of poll results.

Wireframes for Private user

High-fidelity mocks

Since I am designing a feature for Signal, I had to use their branding colours & components & append my screens into the app.

Hifi mocks for Private user
Hifi mocks for Business user


I spent 3.5 days working on this project. 1.5 days in Research (market study, competitor analysis, user behaviour). 1 day for conceptualisation, ideation, sketching, wireframes. And 1 day for hifi mocks and half a day for presentation.

I had great learning & enjoyed experimenting with the chat & poll mobile apps. Design is an evolving exercise & I look forward to becoming a better designer than I am today :)

If you have made it till the end, thank you for your time :)




Product designer

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Mahalakshmi Ravikumar

Mahalakshmi Ravikumar

Product designer

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